S.V. Nagamani

Principal's Message

It is indeed my pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the Canyon School’s website.

“Education is a life long process but it must develop from firm and broad foundations” With this in mind canyon school instills into the students a love for learning and inculcates in them a desire to excel at every level.


The system of education in a progressive society must be in direct proportion to the people’s life. It should be a system that irrigates mind, intellect, cultural and spiritual life, in all their aspects through its life giving process of inner growth and outer expressions.

The school Credo Truth-Trust-Triumph rightly sums up the philosophy of this institution

We firmly believe right schooling decides the real future. We believe it is necessary to add a global dimension into the learning experience of children in order to make their journey into future world smooth and enjoyable.


To move student learning beyond the classroom into other learning contexts excursions and tours are arranged regularly.


The school has an outstanding faculty that is not only highly educate4d and nurturing but also dedicated to helping all students develop their fullest intellect and personal potential. Their devotion towards education is truly reflected in the results of board exams.


I along with my humble and dedicated staff strive hard to make the school a happy place for students by ensuring a caring ,secure , warm comforting and stimulating environment and to come up to the expectations of all those who associate themselves with the school.

With warm regards and best wishes