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We provide various types of indoor equipments and games options to our students in our premises during regular sports periods.

Out door games like cricket, football etc are also given equal importance. We have a trained Physical Instructor to train our kids for intra school and inter school matches. Under his guidance many of our students received medals at district level competitions and participated at state level . The P.E. department ensures a lot of fun for the kids on the play ground. Though the regular periods offer them fun, P.E. is another name for disciplining the mind and body!

Computer Lab

The school has a state of art computer lab with latest technology and software which helps students become proficient in the use of technology. It caters to all sorts of requirements with 24 x 7 internet connectivity. The ratio of one student per computer is maintained. Each and every student from Class I onwards is given an opportunity to work on computer regularly.


To cater to the inquisitive needs of the young minds & to inculcate good reading habits in our students, the school has a full-fledged well-stocked library which offers exhaustive reading material on a myriad subjects- reference books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines, Audio-Visual aids, language games etc..It has a spacious reference and reading area for the benefit of all students in their pursuit of knowledge. The library has been neatly categorized subject-wise for easy reference based on the age and class groups. The entire operation is computerized including the acquisition of books, cataloguing, lending, financial transactions, reminder follow-up, return, renewal and issue of books.

Canyon School library has a collection of 6000 books on all kinds of academic and non-academic subjects which are very useful for extra reading and widening horizons. The books are periodically renewed and updated. Apart from regular books, the library also subscribes to top journals and publications in various areas.

Smart Class

At Canyon school, a conscious effort is made to usher in the benefits of modern technology directly to the students. To break the monotony of traditional teaching the school has forged a tie up with Pearson's Education services and introduced DiGi CLASSES. It is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers meet their day-to-day classroom challenges and enhances student's academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology. Unlike other schools this is being done without charging any extra fees from students.

Tours and Outings

To move learning beyond the classroom into other learning contexts outings and tours are arranged in alternate years. They help to give students a practical feel of all theoretical experiences in a class room. We organize many trips at regular intervals to give students a feel of how the real world works. Other than enhancing the teaching-learning process our trips and excursions help to inspire our students to appreciate how the society works. They create a strong sense of understanding of the immediate environment and the world at large. We organize trips to different institutions like Vidhan sabha, Regional science center, Museums etc. where children get to understand the real world in a better way.

Counselling Centre

Canyon school recognizes that it is the primary responsibility of any school to nurture a child into becoming a holistic individual. A school-going child passes through different phases of development, both physical and mental. In the present scenario where both the parents are working the school has cheerfully offered to share the responsibility of parents to steer children through their adolescence. The school contributes significantly to their emotional, intellectual and physical growth through its team of counselors and a well qualified professional Child Psychologist who helps the child to pass through the learning processes and rough phases of childhood with comparative ease. The team as a whole deals with problems such as emotional and social maladjustment, arising out of various constraints, cultural disparity and the conduct of adults in his/her environment.